Our Story

    Youth Resilience Foundation aims to change attitudes of peers, parents and teachers towards students with disabilities to reach their full potential through awareness and compassion. In the eyes of many, anyone not fitting in is deemed “special”. We seek to empower disabled youth and help others empathise with them. This summer, the Founder will co-author a children’s book which illustrates the difficulties of a student with Tourette’s syndrome. This book would help parents support their children with Tourette’s, and to better understand their child’s struggles. It will also function in schools to reduce peer bullying through awareness by school counsellors. 


       The Youth Resilience Foundation’s first project will be creating children's books educating the public on the experiences of being a child with a disability. We wish for teachers, parents and peers of students with these disabilities to pick up the book and learn that it is completely normal to feel frightened and “weirded out” by those with disabilities, but that does not excuse alienating the students or poor treatment towards them. Through a children's book we wish to empower those with disabilities and educate their parents and peers, all for the goal of allowing these youth to feel safe in their own skin.