Youth Resilience Foundation: Behind The Logo

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The Youth Resilience Foundation believes in helping students with disabilities in their environment by changing how they think of themselves and how the people around them think of them.


The Youth Resilience Foundation wishes for its projects to succeed in delivering the message to people who might not understand the many obstacles a person with disabilities faces.

Through children book stories The Youth Resilience Foundation wishes to get rid of the prejudice that is often brought upon patience with disabilities. The stories act as a catalyst for other people to reevaluate their attitude towards these patience. The reality is that not everyone will be easily swayed from their current mindset and continue treating their peers, students or family with bias, The Youth Resilience Foundation will equip the patience with disabilities with empowerment, knowing that they are not alone, the patience should also understand and learn that with hard work and their own ability they are able to be resilient for whatever they want to achieve.

The graphic depicted in the logo is a spring representing resilience. Like a spring, the youth that have been oppressed by others can learn to quickly jump back, no matter how many times they are being pushed down, they will always come back to their original form.

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